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Welcome to the Casa Nova Website.  If you share our interest in the history, culture and natural beauty of Umbria and the Upper Tiber valley, or are looking for a place to holiday in Umbria, this site is for you.

Casa Nova is a small fruit and olive farm on the south-facing slope of the beautiful Niccone valley, 40 minutes from Perugia airport, on the border between Umbria and Southern Tuscany, with panoramic views over some of the most beautiful countryside in Italy.  It offers the perfect base for a holiday in the area, with two separate houses on the estate to choose from, each with its own pool.

There are four main sections to the website:

  • If you are looking for somewhere to stay while visiting Umbria and Southern Tuscany, check out our Rentals section to find out about staying in Casa dell’Ortolano (also known as the Garden House) or in Il Casale (the Farm House) at Casa Nova: you can fast track through key facts, availability and booking or take a more leisurely tour.
  • In About Casa Nova we share our experiences of the Umbrian countryside, restoring the property, creating a garden and figuring out ways of bringing this once thriving organic farm back into small-scale production.
  • About Umbria brings together useful information for anyone interested in the region.
  • We first discovered this area because one of us, Tom Henry, is a Renaissance Art Historian specialising in the artists who worked nearby: Piero della Francesca, Signorelli, Perugino, Pintoricchio, and Raphael.  The Art History section contains information on these artists and on where their works can still be seen locally, information about Tom’s publications and exhibitions and a portal to a register of archival documents for Signorelli’s life, which is the first element in a project to create an online archival resource for scholars working in the field.

If you have comments or questions about Casa Nova or about this website, or simply would like more information and want to contact us, click on the Contact Us button on any page within this site.

We feel we have found an Umbrian Eden here at Casa Nova. We hope you enjoy exploring the website and that some of you may decide to share the experience by coming and holidaying here. Thanks for visiting.


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What’s new?

This website was last updated on 13 June 2015. The irises and peonies have now finishing flowering but the roses are still in glorious full bloom. You can see some of the irises here. 2014 was a busy rental season at Casa Nova.  Many thanks to those of you who have holidayed here for your very positive reviews.  What’s more Casa Nova is a perfect party venue!  To check availability of Casa dell’Ortolano (the Garden House) or Il Casale (the Farm House) and to see prices, click here.   The new herbaceous borders around the main farmhouse were a riot of colour all summer and into the autumn.  See here for a medley of our latest pics, including aerial photos!  We have been pushing on over the past year with our current agricultural projects (planting olives, additional orchards and, in due course, when our stock plants have multiplied, a specialist plant nursery).  To check out the weather at Casa Nova today see the widget at the bottom of this page.

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