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The Plant Collections:

We are also building up collections of roses (mainly historic but also some modern cultivars), peonies, hardy geraniums, dahlias and daylilies.  We will be observing what does well in the climate here and experimenting with growing roses on their own roots.  Eventually, once the Iris Project is fully launched, we will seek to broaden our offering with other bare root plants of kinds that are not easy to obtain locally here in Umbria.

If you’d like to browse to see what we are growing on, here are the lists (with thanks to Peter Beales, David Austin, Woottens and Kelways, in particular, for their accumulated wisdom):

Shrub roses in the collection

Climbing roses in the collection

English roses in the collection

Peonies in the collection

Herbaceous plants in the collection

Dahlias in the gardens at Casa Nova

Daylilies in the gardens at Casa Nova

Roses in the garden of Casa dell’Ortolano

Peonies in the garden of Casa dell’Ortolano


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