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Archival Documents website

The Archival Documents website hosts the archival documents which accompany Tom Henry’s monograph on Signorelli (The Life and Art of Luca Signorelli, published by Yale in May 2012).  Tom would welcome enquiries from interested parties willing to sponsor its further development, to extend the coverage of the online archive to other Central Italian Renaissance artists.  The existing content convincingly demonstrates the capabilities of the resource.

You can view the Archival Documents website by clicking here.

In 2005, Tom Henry had the idea of creating an on-line resource for Art Historians, to enable those working in his field to:

  • check archival documents relevant to their subject matter without always needing to travel to the archive;
  • hone the necessary skills in deciphering, translating and transcribing archival material;
  • publish archival material online, in support of conventionally published scholarly texts (publishers often being reluctant to include voluminous quotes from or reproductions of archival material in art historical books or articles);
  • collaborate to extend the coverage of the website and to improve the transcriptions and translations of archival documents, under the aegis of an expert editorial committee.

Tom carried out the initial development of the Archival Documents website together with Artem Pavlenko (who has provided the technical know-how: find out more about Artem’s other projects here).  At present it contains a complete publication of the known documents relating to Signorelli.  Users can view transcriptions of the documents and, where these are available, photographs of the original text, and translations.  This enabled Tom’s monograph on Signorelli to avoid the need for bulky documentary appendices.

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