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Tom, Patricia, Gabriel, Bella, Raffy: -

Party at Casa Nova, Umbria, Italy

20 July 2014

The venue:  We bought Casa Nova as a run down farm in late 2003 and have been working on it ever since.  It’s now quite civilised.  There are some before and after photos, above.  There is even an open air theatre, a legacy from the previous owner, which is crying out for a starring role in party entertainment (Karaoke, anyone?!).  We are 500 m above sea-level on the south-facing slope of the Niccone valley, roughly equidistant between Cortona, in Tuscany, and Umbertide, in Umbria, with panoramic views to the South.  Casa Nova could hardly be more centrally positioned in Italy, North to South and coast to coast. The artistic treasures of Southern Tuscany and the Upper Tiber valley are on the doorstep: no accident, since that’s where Tom does most of his art-historical researches.  It’s also a great area for walking or cycling.  To see at a glance where we are in relation to Perugia, Siena, Florence, Rome and other places of interest click here, and for driving times, click here.

We love this place to bits and we are looking forward to sharing it with you.

For driving instructions on how to find the house click here.


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