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Where is Casa Nova?

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Where can we stay?

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Tom, Patricia, Gabriel, Bella, Raffy: -

Party at Casa Nova, Umbria, Italy

20 July 2014

Places to stay:

If you decide to make a holiday of it and rent a villa or apartment nearby (most of which require a minimum stay of a week), we suggest you start by checking out the places managed by a friend of ours, Susan Young.  Her website is Valtiberina Villas  - http://www.valtiberinavillas.com/

Or search for places near Umbertide, Trestina or Citta di Castello on one of the vacation rental websites such as Owners Direct, Trip AdvisorHoliday Rentals or Booking.com.

Our own two houses are also listed on a number of those sites (as Casa Dell’Ortolano and Il Casale, at Casa Nova) and, although of course we aren’t marketing them for that period, the fact they are listed there should make it easy for you to see where the place you are considering is located relative to Casa Nova.

We know of the following vacation rentals that are located close by, and in some cases within walking distance, but have no direct experience of staying in them:

We have stayed in these hotels and can recommend them but obviously you will find a  wider selection online:

    Il Capitano, Montone: a 35 minute drive away, located in a picturesque hilltop town and run by a talented chef who is a larger than life character: http://www.ilcapitano.com/.

    Il Capponi, Umbertide: a 15 minute drive away, in Umbertide.  A bit of a basic commercial traveller’s hotel but local and friendly - http://www.hotelcapponi.com/.

You can also rent rooms close by (albeit still a short drive away) at any one of these four local Agriturismi (businesses combining tourism and agriculture):

For the young and impecunious, or the determinedly hardy, there are campsites in the area, including at Citta di Castello and at Trasimeno. You can find listings here: http://www.camping.it/english/umbria/  Having cycle toured Central Italy from campsite to campsite in our younger days we can speak to the fact that it is a great way to get to know the region, if hearty.   We will be setting aside an area at Casa Nova for those who need to camp on site on the night of the party.

We will be researching other options and adding more details to this page as we find them.

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