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Tom, Patricia, Gabriel, Bella, Raffy: -

Party at Casa Nova, Umbria, Italy

20 July 2014

Ceeeelebrate good times, come on! *

With Tom and Tricia both turning 50 in 2014, Gabriel 21, Bella 18, Raffy 13 and 10 years on since our first summer at Casa Nova, this seemed like a really good year to throw a party.

Come and party into the small hours with us at Casa Nova on the evening of Sunday 20 July 2014.  We promise to make it worth the journey!  Further details as to what we are planning and as to timings will follow; but meantime here is some information to help you plan your journey and arrange accommodation if, as we very much hope, you are able to come and join us.

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The links to the left and below will take you to the basics you need for planning a trip.  Have a look around, add this page to your favourites, and we hope you’ll be inspired to come.  You’ll also find lots more information about the region and about Casa Nova in our main website.  The home page is here.

(* If you get this reference you should definitely be at this party.)

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