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The Casa Nova estate - relationship between the two houses

It is difficult to get both houses in the same photo precisely because their aspects are very different.  You can only really see them both at the same time from the air.  Click here for a pop up gallery of aerial photos taken recently.  Below are some shots taken from Casa dell’Ortolano (the Garden House), where you can just glimpse the roof of Il Casale (the Farm House) through the trees; and conversely some shots of the Farm House where you catch sight of the gable of the Garden House further up the hill.  There is also a plan of the estate at the bottom of this page.  All in all, you need have no concerns about maintaining privacy but conversely the houses are close enough that they can conveniently be used together by members of large groups.

View from balcony of Garden House: roof of Farm House just about visible through trees to right

view-from-balcony-in-May-roof marked1

View from Garden House in early Spring before trees are fully in leaf - roof of Farm House visible through the trees below.


Farm House before restoration: corner of Garden House visible through trees behind.



Same view in summer, when trees in full leaf.


Map of the Casa Nova estate:


Casa dell’Ortolano, also known as the Garden House (marked A), is higher up the hillside and set at  right angles to Il Casale, the Farm house (marked C).  In between there is a pump house (marked B) where the water reserves and main switch boxes are located.  The Garden House overlooks its own pool, below.  The Garden House is not overlooked by the Farm House or vice versa.  The views from the Farm House are in the opposite direction, towards the valley and its pool (not drawn on this plan but located in the area marked “wild plums” near the Farm House).  The layout means each has privacy from the other.  However, there is a set of stone steps up the hillside behind the Farm House by which you can quickly and easily get from one house to the other when the two are occupied by one group.

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