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“I should have ended before now, for fear of being too chatty, had I not proposed in this letter to lead you into every corner of my house and gardens.”  Pliny the Younger

Rentals: Casa dell’Ortolano (the Garden House) at Casa Nova

Casa dell'Ortolano at Casa Nova
For many more photographs, and if the automated slideshow does not display in your browser, click here for the full photo album. Problems viewing the photos? Click here.

Casa dell’Ortolano (the Garden House) at Casa Nova sleeps 3-9 people (plus infants) and has its own pool (11m x 5m) which is open from May to September. It is available for holiday rentals all year round.

Fast track - four steps to booking

  • Click here for the key facts about Casa dell’Ortolano at a glance.
  • To see where we are and to check the layout of the house, click here.
  • To check availability and prices, click here.
  • To enquire about booking Casa dell’Ortolano email us (Tom and Patricia) at or phone or text (+44) 07850-408167 and we’ll send you our booking form and terms and conditions.

Or take a more leisurely tour

Want to see more before you make your mind up?  There’s a great deal more information here for those that want it.  Let us, like Pliny in the letter quoted above, indulge our passion for what we have built and lead you into every corner of our house and garden:

  • Click here to start the full tour of the Casa dell’Ortolano (the Garden House) and here for the full photo album (containing all the photos in the slideshow and a whole lot more).
  • If you’re planning a family holiday, you’ll find additional information in the Family Holiday pages, written for parents by parents and for kids by kids. Casa dell’Ortolano is well equipped for those holidaying with young children.
  • To see what others have said about their stay, check out the Guestbook.
  • To find out more about the Casa Nova estate, click here.
  • You will find detailed information on what you can do and see in Umbria and the Upper Tiber Valley in the other sections of this site: About Umbria and Art History.
  • Looking for something bigger?  Check out Il Casale (the Farm House) here.

If you have any questions just Contact us.

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