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“Behind, but at a great distance, is the Apennine range. In the calmest days we get cool breezes from that quarter, not sharp and cutting at all, being spent and broken by the long distance they have travelled. The greater part of the house has a southern aspect, and seems to invite the afternoon sun in summer (but rather earlier in the winter) into a broad and proportionately long portico...[The dining room] is extremely warm in winter, lying much exposed to the sun, and on a cloudy day the heat of an adjoining stove very well supplies his absence... from [the] upper and lower windows the eye falls upon a variety of different greens.”    Pliny the Younger

Location: Casa Nova could hardly be more centrally positioned in Italy, North to South and coast to coast. This makes it ideal for those who want a single base from which to explore as much as possible of Italy. The artistic treasures of Southern Tuscany and the Upper Tiber valley are on the doorstep: no accident, since that’s where Tom does most of his art-historical researches.  To see at a glance where we are in relation to Perugia, Siena, Florence, Rome and other places of interest click here, and for driving times, click here.  For a closer view of the estate itself, click here.  We are 500 m above sea-level on the south-facing slope of the Niccone valley, roughly equidistant between Cortona, in Tuscany, and Umbertide, in Umbria.  Our nearest village, just at the bottom of the hill, is Spedalicchio (one bar and one shop). However, the nearest town, Umbertide, is only 15 minutes away and has banks, several supermarkets, bakers, fresh pasta makers, good wine merchants, and a twice weekly farmer’s market.  There are plenty of other shopping and restaurant opportunities within a 15-20 minute radius.

Getting to Casa Nova: click here.

Casa dell’Ortolano (Garden House) Ground plan: click here.

Il Casale (Farm House) Ground Plan: click here.


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